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Cu Chi Tunnels half day tour

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Cu Chi Tunnels half day tour
Cu Chi Tunnels half day tour
Cu Chi Tunnels half day tour
Cu Chi Tunnels half day tour
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Cu Chi Tunnels half day tour
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NGÀY 1 | Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels are located approximately 70km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City centre in Cu Chi Rural District. They consist of more than 200km of underground tunnels. This main axis system has many branches connecting to underground hideouts, shelters, and entrances to other tunnels. This underground network provided sleeping quarters, meeting rooms, hospitals, and other social rooms. 
  • Pick-up hotel, departing for Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Arriving at Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Watching documentary video
  • Exploring the tunnels
  • Returning to Ho Chi Minh City
  • Transferring you back to your hotel

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Ghi chú

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The Price Includes:

  • All transfers by private air-conditioned vehicles as per the itinerary
  • All applicable entrance fee as per the itinerary
  • Experienced English/Chinese speaking guide
  • Complimentary 2 bottles of drinking water per pax

The Surcharges (If inquiry):

  • Experienced  Japanese speaking guide: USD 3/group
  • Experienced  Russian speaking guide: USD 9/group
  • Lunch at local restaurant: USD 10/Pax
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