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Discover Hoi An Ancient Town – World Heritage in Viet Nam

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Ancient and peaceful, Hoi An is in the top 10 of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia that caters to travelers of all tastes and across the continents.
    Hoi An is an old town lying in the lower section of Thu Bon River, on the coastal plain of Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, about 30 km south of Da Nang. Ancient and peaceful, Hoi An is in the top 10 of the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia that caters to travelers of all tastes and across the continents.

   Not as hazy as Hanoi and Saigon, Hoi An has a characteristic tranquility that makes people feel like the time has stopped. These things have attracted visitors from all over the world. The old town is fascinated by bungalows, pagodas, picturesque-pavement coffee and the ancient homes and surrounded by peaceful villages that have crafts such as carpentry, bronze making, ceramic... that bear its very unique mark. In total, more than a thousand places of interest. Its architecture is a harmonious blend of Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese influences. The depiction of its formation, its once-prosperous merchant past, its progress and how it manages to become one of today are all well documented, in words and in priceless relics. 
Discover Hoi An Ancient Town – World Heritage in Viet  Nam

   Hoi An is small enough for you to get around in on foot and the traffic is nowhere near as heavy as in bigger cities. The road is flat so you also can travel by bicycle, especially bicycle is not banned here. When the sun goes down, the street transforms itself into a fanciful space with hundreds of silk lanterns illuminating each street and along the Thu Bon River. In the evening, people gathered down the river to drop flowers. Hoi An’s nightlife is not extremely hectic and things usually get quiet after 22 p.m. Still, you can easily find some places to hang out and enjoy a few drinks, snacks or a game of pool and darts. According to Rough guides ( British Travel Magazine), Hoi An’s nightlife is one of the 25 best experiences in the world. 
Discover Hoi An Ancient Town – World Heritage in Viet  Nam

   Tourists to Hoi An, in addition to visiting the monuments and experience the nightlife activities, they also enjoy the street food, own and characteristic here. Visitors can learn and enjoy the cuisine of street style from popular foods such as rice vermicelli, noodles to grilled specialties such as “cao lau” - a dish of rice noodles somehow closer in texture to pasta., “xi ma”, ….All of them are cleverly processed and served by local people at reasonable prices. It can be seen, the diversity, abundance in Hoi An cuisine has contributed to creating more attraction to the tourism industry. Or in other words, food is contributing to lighting up the love for land and people in Hoi An tourists.
Discover Hoi An Ancient Town – World Heritage in Viet  Nam

   Hoi An is also famous for special festivals, among which is Full Moon Festival, a night before the full moon when the Old Town becomes even more festive than usual, actively and marvelously decorated with colorful lights and lamps along every lane. The "lantern festival", the most fascinating and special one of Hoi An, which is characteristically demonstrated with all colorful hanging cloth and paper lanterns switched on altogether while all electrical equipment is off, leaving the Old Quarter bathed in the warm glow of colored silk, glass and paper lanterns. A sparkling, romantic and mysterious view is opened, stimulating anybody’s curiosity and eye feed! Someone wrote about Hoi An: "Hoi An is deep and passionate people when night comes, lanterns light up the crossroads. It seems that each light represents the presence of each spirituality, in which the city meets with one another in time and aspiration. ". It is the lantern of Hoi An that brings the Old town to the world!


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